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Help sleep research. Participate in our innovative sleep health research study!

We hope that your participation will help improve our understanding of sleep disorders and lead to improved treatments and diagnoses. Our study, SleepINNOVATE, is led by Dr. Susan Redline at Partners HealthCare System, and is funded by the National Institutes of Health.

What will happen in this research study? We will ask you to complete surveys about yourself and your health, general functioning and sleep habits. In addition, we will ask you to take brain quizzes to help us understand the relationship between sleep and brain functions. We plan to do this by contacting you at least once a year by email.

To participate you must:

Can I still get medical care within Partners if I don't take part in this research study, or if I stop taking part? Yes. Your decision won't change the medical care you get within Partners now or in the future. There will be no penalty, and you won't lose any benefits you receive now or have a right to receive.

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